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ok so today i am not intrested in any introduction and all. just wanted to  Share some Awesome Bug Bounty Proof Of Concept Videos By My good Friend Ratnadip . I am 100% Sure You will learn a lot. . Subscribe to his channel . His Youtube CHannel Link Is Given Below.  Now a little intro About  Our Blog.

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Harvard university | Reflected XSS | Reflected XSS ( Fixed ) | Multiple “XSS / Open Redirection” on same API Endpoint

XSS in ( fixed + rewarded )

Hashicorp Ref XSS ( Fixed)

Cross Site Scripting in 2 min ( ( FixeD )

Open redirection in

Dji session management flaw…

Synac BAC Vulnerability… Severity med. ( Duplicate )

Reflected XSS in ( Rewarded + Unresolved )

StoreD Xss in Privy ( Won’t Fix ) || Rate Limit Absent || Logical way… || ( Fixed )

Stored XSS in ( patched)

DNS cache poisoning Yammer ( un patched )

Pusher file upload xss ( Patched )

Full Account Takeover Using CSRF

Cross site Scripting in .nl

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