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Ethical Hacking

Here you can find the Best resources to learn Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing. I will Share Resources That are In Publick Domain.

Ethical Hackers Are also called Good Guys Or GOod Hacker because they Don’t Harm or misuse Data .

Ethical Hacking Resources : Ethical Hacking Books : Ethical hacking Tools
All The Resources And Tools In This Website Primehackers.com is for Educational Purpose.
I am Not Responsible For Anything Do Illegal.
Help People To Protect thier Privacy.

White hat Hackers are basically  that  kind of hacker who often referred  as a security professional or Cyber  security researcher. Such hackers are employed by an organization or company and are permitted to attack an organization to find vulnerabilities that an attacker might be able to exploit.

SO Final Words : finally

Hacking into any Network With Good Intention Or Ethical ways And To Protect that Organisation is Ethical Hacking: Mic Drop.