Daily 10 Free Courses : Digital Marketing, Dot Net Core , Api Development, J Query,Ecommerce , Unity

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Daily Free Courses : Digital Marketing, Dot Net Core , Api Development, J Query,Ecommerce , Unity

Today i a Sharing with you all some good free courses contains digital markeing , core . net , api development and all.

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Best Digital Marketing Tool 2019

All in One Digital Marketing Tool 2019
What you’ll learn
  • How to Create a Website easily using best digital marketing tool
  • How to Create Sales Funnel
  • How to Create Facebook Chatbot
  • How to Create Website Chatbot
  • Email Marketing using Best Digital Marketing Tool

How To Create an Ecommerce Website – WooCommerce 2019!

Learn How to Create make build a online ecommerce store/website in WordPress!
What you’ll learn
  • Installing wordpress
  • Create an online store
  • Adding products
  • Make Much money from home
  • You will learn how to build a really professional webshop
  • You will learn about wordpress security
  • Sell any product you want at no cost
  • Set up and operate WordPress
  • Run your own business from anywhere
  • Design a website without coding
  • Use Woocommerce and Accept Payments

Establish business strategy for an online store

Learn fundamentals of an online store business and prepare for launch
What you’ll learn
  • Budgeting for online business
  • Business terminology
  • Business calculations
  • Logistics for online business
  • Advertising for online business

PMP® Certification:35 pdu PMP Exam Prep – Pass the PMP Exam!

PMP Certification: PMP Exam Complete Training / Pass the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam on your first try!
What you’ll learn
  • Pass the PMP Exam on your first try!
  • Earn 35 Contact Hours (PDUs) requirement of PMI to enroll in PMP Exam
  • PMP Exam Prep according to PMBOK 6th edition
  • Learn theoretical PMP concepts with real-world project examples
  • Test yourself with 2 FULL PMP Exams at the end of the course
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor
  • Practice with more than 1000+ PMP Exam questions
  • Participate in active discussions with other PMP candidates & participants became PMP
  • Get downloadable handouts and materials during the course
  • Get special discounts for my other courses at the end of the course in Bonus Lecture.

Learn How to Make Trading Card Game Menus With Unity 3D

A full guide on menus and collection management in trading card games with Unity 3D.
What you’ll learn
  • Create beautiful custom cards and creatures for your game.
  • Show enlarged previews when you are hovering over a card or a creature.
  • Enable card rotation and design a custom card back.
  • Highlight cards that your players can play and creatures that can attack this turn with glows around their border.
  • 2 different ways to drag cards in trading card games: just dragging cards onto the battlefield area to play them, or dragging onto a specific target to cast spell or attack with creatures.
  • Show targeting gizmo with an arrow and a target icon when attacking with creatures or casting spells.
  • Create adaptive layouts for your player`s hand and table areas. We are not using pre-determined places for cards. All the creatures and cards will always remain centered.
  • Make a Hearthsone-styled mana pool with 10 mana crystals. Players start the game with 0 mana and in the start of each turn they will receive 1 mana crystal.
  • Create framed Hero portraits and round Hero Power buttons.
  • Create a burning rope that will measure time left until the end of the turn.
  • Create decks with variable thickness. The more cards your deck contains – the thicker it looks.
  • Separate Visual and Logical part of your game (aka server – game client).
  • Create a simple system to manage, edit and create new cards, creatures or Hero classes.
  • Manage turns in trading card games.
  • Establish the most basic game mechanics of playing creatures and attacking opponent`s creatures or opponent`s Hero.
  • Create custom effects for your spells and Hero Powers.
  • Create diverse creature effects that might be triggered: when the creature enters the battlefield, when the creature dies, when the turn starts or ends or even when certain events occur in the game (like: when your Hero takes damage, draws a card, etc…).
  • Determine “game over” conditions and show some end game animations or events.
  • Create a simple computer AI that will control opponent`s Hero.

ASP.NET CORE 3.0 blazor and razor

Learn razor and blazor
What you’ll learn
  • Razor syntax
  • Blazor

Windows presentation foundation (WPF)

All you need to know to build windows presentation foundation applications
What you’ll learn
  • windows presentation foundation (WPF)
  • .NET framework for WPF
  • .NET CORE for WPF
  • Useful practices on WPF

The Complete jQuery Course : From Beginning to Advanced

Learn jQuery : Client Side Web Development through step by step process
What you’ll learn
  • Will become Master in client side web development
  • Will become expert in jQuery
  • Will earn working experience on jQuery

.NET CORE API development

learn all that you need to know to develop .net core 3.0 API projects
What you’ll learn
  • Practical .NET CORE API development skills
  • Handling HTTP requests and responses
  • Skills to use to use SQL server (MSSQL)
  • REST API development

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